rewilding Yoga Retreat x Yoga Spirit Circle

REWILDING Yoga Retreat in Malaga x Yoga Spirit Circle Oktober 2019, 6. – 12.

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When i first visited YSC in october 2017 as a karma yogi, this place totally blew my mind. And with “place” i do not mean this geographically (Casa Erica lies close to Malaga, which is the southernmost large city in Europe, about 130 km north of Africa) – from the moment i came to Casa Erica, met Yvonne, her team and the other guests, i felt “the magic happen”. I am more than happy to be able to offer my first rewilding-yoga-week here.

Rewilding is all about immersing in nature. Disconnect to connect on a deeper level with the nature inside of you and around you. We will spend as much time as possible outside and in contact with nature. We move naturally not only in our yoga classes but although during barefoot walks or early morning ocean dips. We want to experience all elements and their qualities: go deep and intense with FIRE, flow dynamically with WATER, gain clarity and lightness with AIR and feel strong and supported with EARTH. It’s all inside of as and surrounding us all the time.

Mornings will be about being playful, and ignite passion and strength by combining different styles of yoga with elements of mobility to move in a more natural way -not only on the mat, but in our everyday lives.

In the afternoons we move in more gentle ways, listen and feel, focusing on the inner nature of every individual.

“We can’t all live in nature, but it doesn’t mean we can’t live naturally. We exist in a modern technological age; we can’t turn back the clock or expect to be able to live as we did as hunter gatherers. But we can relearn these deep connections to nature, ourselves, and each other and in doing so find profound states of wellbeing.” – Tony Riddle

– Hightlights

7 Days in Andalusia at the Beach

6 Nights Accommodation in Casa Erica

activating, playful morning yoga & movement classes (fire & earth)

focusing and calming afternoon yoga & mobility (water & air)

wildlife immersion and nature adventures

meditation & breathwork

wholesome plant-based food



– A typical Retreat Day

07.30 am Pre Yoga Bites, Tea & Coffee
08.30 am Yoga & Movement Class (105 min)
10.00 am Group Meditation / Walk / Swim
11.00 am Brunch Buffet
03.00 pm Light Lunch
05.00 pm Yoga & Mobility Class (90 min)
07.00 pm Dinner


– prepare for your retreat

all levels welcome!

tech: we invite you to leave your phone turned off. disconnect to connect on a deeper level. this is not a rule, just an invitation.